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Role and Function of Bappenas

To formulate policies and decision making

  1. To formulate the national development plan
  2. To formulate the draft budget
  3. To control and evaluate the implementation of the development plan
  4. To engage in the decision making of handling urgent and large scale problems, in accordance with the specific tasks

To function as think-tank

  1. To analyse and formulate policies in the field of development planning and policies in other fields
  2. To strengthen the planning capacity at the central and regional levels in the context of creating an innovative and creative funding mechanism
  3. To engage in participatory planning through cooperation with universities, professional organizations, and with civil society organizations

To function as coordinator

  1. To coordinate and formulate policies in the fields of development planning, national development strategy, providing direction to sectoral, cross-sectoral, and cross-regional policies, national and regional macro-economic framework, engineering design of facilities and infrastructure, framework of regulations, institutions, and funding, and in the field of monitoring, evaluation, and controlling of the national development implementation
  2. To coordinate the seeking out of domestic and foreign sources of financing, and in the allocation of funds
  3. To coordinate and sinchronize the implementation of policies omnational development planning and budgeting and the preparation of construction designing of facilities and infrastructure
  4. To coordinate strategic activities in the handling of urgent and large scale problems, in accordance with the specially assigned tasks

To function as administrator

  1. To manage planning documents including documents on external loans and grants
  2. To formulate and manage reports of monitoring results on the implementation of development plans
  3. To formulate and manage reports of evaluation results
  4. To provide guidance and general administratve services


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